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TriLED investigates several relighting possibilities and assists your company in formatting and applying for the subsidy.


When having a outdated lighting system, it's recommendable to have a re-lighting study done. It can save a lot of costs, not only in maintenance but especially on your electricity bill.

The return on investment is predominantly based on impressive energy savings and reducing maintenance costs. These two expenses result into a decrease of operational costs.

An additional factor is yearly lighting hours, all elements determine your return on investment period.

Energy saving covers two levels, the deployment of very efficient LED controls. These controls are in addition easy to configure and adjustable according to your company's needs.

Additional subsidies can contribute to the return on investment period, because the initial investment is reduced.

An important fact, the re-lighting subsidy also depends on the final result of energy efficiency. The lower the new energy use, the higher the subsidy. By recent guidelines, it's mandatory to include the controls into the investment. Since this is inherent to the TriLED system, we can claim the maximum of subsidies.

TriLED investigates several possibilities and assists your company in formatting and applying for the subsidy. Each case is unique.

More information on this topic can be found via the below link.