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Controls & wireless communication

TriLED has chosen to standard equip the lighting system with sensors and controles. The TriLED luminaires wirelessly connect with the power supplies.


Controles & wireless communication

TriLED’s lighting system, in accordance with its mission, is equipped with sensors and controls.

The biggest advantage of the TriLED concept is that the luminaires wirelessly connect with the power supplies. The supplies are wired and connected to the internet. This way the TriLED system can be configured without rewiring.


Motion detection

The luminaires are equipped with a PIR motion detector, which turns down the light intensity or completely switches off when no movement is detected. Via our TriVIEW software the off-times and dimming levels can be reconfigured according to the needs.


Automatic dimming

(daylight control) & Constant Light Output (CLO):

Besides the motion detection, the integrated daylight control is the most important factor in reducing the operational energy-use. A light sensor measures the intensity of (day)light and compares this with the configured intensity and modifies if required. In case of a high level of external light input, the system will dim automatically and in the opposite case it will intensify the light. Dimming happens gradually, whilst adding light is added quickly.

The inherent consequence of this automatic dimming is the fact that the TriLED is standard equipped with CLO. The CLO will drive the lighting system automatically to the right level during its lifespan.

Configuring, adapting en switching profiles can b done in a flexible manner with the TriVIEW software.


Anti-panic lighting

The TriLED rail lighting system can be equipped optionally with anti-panic lighting. This is achieved by connecting a UPS battery pack to the 48 VDC power supplies. This ensures security in case of emergency.

 The luminaire will still produce 800 lumen in case of a power break-down. During normal operational service the system charges the battery.