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About TriLED

Triled is a young and dynamic lighting company specialized in smart LED lighting for industrial applications.


Who are we?

TriLED is a young and dynamic lighting company specialized in smart LED lighting for industrial applications. TriLED is a 100% Belgian company and producer of the ContiRAIL rail lighting system for professionals.

We are active in new build or the replacement of existing industrial installations also known as re-lighting.


Our mission

  • Becoming the technological leader in the smart LED lighting business

  • Bringing innovation to the next level

  • Pursue constant improvement by collaborating with the right partners

  • Further expansion of our own performant R&D department

  • Pursuing the highest level of customer satisfaction by bringing a vision in lighting

TriLED undertakes socially responsible business by reducing energy consumption of the lighting installations of its customers to an absolute minimum, combined with the highest quality standards.


Our approach

Conform our mission, we engineer optimal light quality together with low energy consumption. To accomplish this we carefully plan a number of steps.



The analysis

In this phase we study your project in detail. Besides the general information we consult (by preference (dwg formated plans) we visit the location. We do additional measurements and also focus our attention on ergonomics and future requirements of the lighting installation. A LED lighting system requires a lifespan of several decades, that's why it's key that the installation performs optimal during this long timeframe.



The light study

Often we develop several light studies offering different possibilities.

The input of optical systems such as lenses can be a positive and added value to the overall lighting technology.



Our proposal

In our proposal we highlight how our system is designed and why.

Most importantly we offer performance guarantee on our system and in case we're dealing with a re-lighting project we highlight and explain your return on investment.



You agree with our proposal

Your TriLED project manager guides the project from A to Z and guarantees the end result. TriLED is a producer and can also take care of the execution of your project. We work with external partners of the partner of your preference.

Training and deployment

The TriLED system charactirizes itself with a distinct level of flexibility. The end user can modify the lighting system in a very simple way according to the changing needs.